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Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs with Jalapeno/Cilantro Crema on Buttery Buns


Lea & Jay


Summer grilling weather is happening as we speak. Temperatures have certainly soared to a level at which the thought of turning on the stove top, or heaven forbid the oven is ludicrous. Yup…I say don’t do a thing that would encourage that mercury to climb one fraction of an inch higher inside your house. Come supper time, send the husband out into the wilds of the backyard to grill up some meat. A favourite summer grilled entree around here is the humble yet very tasty hot dog. No fuss, no muss! And how in the world could a hot dog get any better? Well there is that bit where you can add some chili and cheese to arrive at the Chili Cheese Dog. Those are pretty special, but I think I’ve found something to add that might even surpass them. Are you ready for it? Wrap them in Bacon!



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Clubman Stage Route 5

Distance: 1.53 miles

1:07.218 S2000 (EU) ’99


Sheet [A] 260 HP / 439 PP / C3

Rome 1:27.805


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2010-11 Absolute Memorabilia

5 Kobe Bryant
7 Chris Paul
17 Kevin Love
21 Kevin Martin
23 Joe Johnson
31 Chris Bosh
35 Demar DeRozan
37 Mark Gasol
49 Eric Gordon
52 Kevin Garnett
59 Jason Richardson
63 Jamal Crawford
65 Marcus Camby
74 Elton Brand
76 Richard Jefferson
78 Los Angeles Clippers
80 Jeff Teague
88 Robin Lopez
91 Rashard Lewis
94 Nené

Panini All-Stars
3 Kevin Garnett
28 Elvin Hayes