4/18/2014 Brookhaven Country Club Adult Levels Open

NTRP 4.5 Men’s Singles
Main Draw

When the match started, I had slight anxiety. I started the match with the Pure Drive Plus Andy Roddick. After a few games I mishit and broke my crosses. I replaced it with Karla’s Aero Storm with low tension and smaller grip (4-1/2). I was able to shake off the nervousness and have fun. I made too many unforced errors, including double faults. I think I found the right level. With some practice and experience I should be able to win some matches, even some tournaments. For the first match, I had fun and play decently.

The good: I was able to rally, I controlled the pace in some points, second serve was great, had fun.

The bad: Broke strings, feet blisters, nervousness, too many unforced errors, ineffective first serve, terrible serve and volley, did not trust my backhand.


Consolation Draw


I showed up to my first match and after a no show by my opponent, I was in the final. The final! It was my first final, and I technically had not won a match, even less a set. The game started and I felt somewhat out of it. I corrected most of the errors I made the day before and played better overall. The guy I played was better, more consistent than me. After a 2-hour match he finally beat me.

The good: I made a friend, used more my backhand, rallied more, served better, attacked the net better, cut down the unforced errors, better focus.

The bad: All around soreness, specially in my bicep, used the Aero Storm again, grip was very uncomfortable, still won’t trust my backhand for some reason.

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